CherryTree Digital

CherryTree Digital are a manufacturer and retailer of LED bulbs, lighting solutions and external memory drives catering to the B2B and B2C sectors. They employed me to audit and manage their existing PPC campaigns, which had been set up in-house and were making a steady loss. In the first month, I overhauled the campaigns, consolidating them into a single conversion-focused search campaign as this better met the client’s objectives.

I created single-keyword ad groups within this campaign and tailored landing pages to match the ad copy, creating highly specific and relevant ads. This reduced cost-per-click to below projected levels, but crucially, it also resulted in very high specificity to the customer, which had knock-on effects on clickthrough and conversion rate. The conversion rate increased to 8.77% after the first month of work, which was more than double the average for Adwords campaigns.